Executive Team

A Letter from Our Co-Chairs


Hello from Anisha, Susan and Zeba!

We are very honoured and excited to be this year’s co-chairs for the 2018 IWCH Conference. As individuals, we come from various academic backgrounds and specializations, but share the same inextinguishable desire to improve women’s and children’s health around the globe. Our theme this year is titled “Changing Faces: Evolution of the Female Identity”. The goal of this theme is not only to enlighten learners about the progress that the world has made at addressing women’s and children’s health through time and across cultures, but to also inspire learners about how the female identity has evolved and established a sense of resilience in the face of challenges. We encourage you to join us at this year’s conference to learn more about women’s health issues, or to get involved with existing organizations that have taken lead in this vast field. Your opinions and ideas are valuable in translating today’s empirical knowledge to real life scenarios. We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, November 24th at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre.


IWCH Chairs 2018

Executive Team


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